LifeTime Asset Management Wealth Consultant Lorraine Johnson was honored with the Bridging the Gap award at the 10th annual We Are 1 conference, as recognition of her work to help bridge racial divides in her community and her advocacy for equality.

But while this award is a great honor, it’s also unwanted. Lorraine noted in her acceptance speech, “I am grateful for this recognition, but I am looking forward to the day when there is no ‘Bridging the Gap’ award… because there is no gap and we are, in fact, one.”

The team at LifeTime is proud of the work Lorraine Johnson has done in the community and congratulates her on this wonderful award. Although since it does recognize the hard work of bridging racial divides, we, like Lorraine, are hopeful for a day when there is no longer a need for such an award.

Thank you, Lorraine, for all you do, and thank you to the We Are 1 conference for offering this award and for bringing your community programming to the Triangle annually!