This roundup of top financial news for the week presented by Matt Glova and the LifeTime Asset Management team:

Quarterly Market Update, June 30, 2024

Quick Highlights:

1. June Rally Caps Solid Quarter for Stocks – Stocks rose for the second consecutive month.
2. Bonds Up for the Month and Quarter – Falling interest rates in June supported bond returns during the month and quarter.
3. Inflation Slows – Inflation improved in May, with major inflation metrics showing slower price growth during the month.
4. Solid Economic Growth – Economic reports released in June showed signs of continued healthy growth.
5. Market Risks to Monitor – Markets face a variety of risks in the second half of the year.
6. Positive Outlook for the Second Half – Markets and the economy are set for continued growth.

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Weekly Market Update, June 24, 2024

Data was mixed last week, with softer retail sales and strong manufacturing production. The housing market also saw mixed data, with June sentiment turning sour but home sales faring better than expected. Given its size, Nvidia is worth watching for a potential rotation away from artificial intelligence names. Treasuries sold off slightly.

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Weekly Market Update, June 17, 2024

CPI and PPI reports were below expectations in May. The FOMC held rates steady for June despite softer-than-expected inflationary data on the morning of the rate announcement. Apple, Nvidia, and the AI narrative continue to carry the market. Treasuries rallied sharply this week on softer inflation data.

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Weekly Market Update, June 10, 2024

The May employment report was better than expected, pushing out expectations for interest rate cuts. Manufacturing confidence fell more than expected but was offset by a larger-than-expected rebound in service sector confidence. The rally in U.S. equities continued to be narrow, with large-cap technology names such as Nvidia carrying the broader market. Yields were down moderately, rallying after Friday’s surprising employment report.

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Weekly Market Update, June 3, 2024

Consumer confidence was higher than expected as consumer expectations improved. Personal income and spending growth slowed in April. Software stocks receded as Salesforce missed sales estimates. Corporations appear to be tightening budgets on the software side. The yield curve steepened slightly as short-term yields fell and long-term yields rose.

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Monthly Market Update, May 31, 2024

Quick Highlights:

1. Markets Rebound in May: Stocks rallied after declining in April.
2. Falling Yields Support Bond Prices: Falling interest rates caused bond price to rise.
3. Labor Market Cools in April: The April jobs report showed encouraging signs of softening labor demand.
4. Additional Signs of Slowing Growth: Several key economic updates pointed toward slowing growth.
5. Market Risks to Monitor: Domestic, international, and unknown risks remain for markets.
6. Improving Fundamentals and Positive Outlook: Economic and market fundamentals support future improvements.

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