At any age, health care is a priority. When you retire, however, you will probably focus more on health care than ever before. Staying healthy is your goal, and this can mean more visits to the doctor for preventive tests and routine checkups. There’s also a chance that your health will decline as you grow older, increasing your need for costly prescription drugs or medical treatments. That’s why having health insurance is extremely important.

Below are a few articles explaining how to prepare for Medicare enrollment and what specifically is covered in each program.

Preparing for Medicare Enrollment
It’s a few months before you turn 65. Your mailbox is overflowing with materials from companies discussing Medicare enrollment, Medicare Advantage plans, and other pharmacy-related plans. The amount of information is overwhelming. As the Medicare enrollment period approaches, it’s best to map out a plan ahead of time to avoid making poor decisions. Read more here. >

Understanding Medicare Coverages and Options
Medicare is a federal health insurance program that covers certain medical services and supplies in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Learn about Medicare’s three categories of healthcare expenses and coverage choices. Read more here. >


What Does Medigap Insurance Cover?
Medigap, also called Medicare supplement insurance, is a type of optional coverage offered by private insurance companies. It is designed to pay some—or all—of your Medicare Part A and B copayments, coinsurance, and deductible costs. Find out how and when to enroll and other details. Read more here. >

We hope you find these articles informative and helpful as you approach age 65 and prepare for Medicare enrollment. If you have any questions regarding these topics or would like discuss your financial situation, feel free to contact us or speak with any of our financial advisors. We’re here to help!