Presented by Matt Glova and the LifeTime Asset Management team:

Weekly Market Update, Sept 18, 2023

Stronger-than-expected retail sales led to stabilization in used vehicle prices and increases in apparel. Despite the retail sales beat, consumer sentiment waned in the latest report. Consumers and investors appear to be getting more cautious; energy prices may provide another short-term inflation lift. Fixed income investors are focused on the Fed because several maturities have rates at levels not seen in a long time.

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Weekly Market Update, Sept 6, 2023

Spending rose more than expected despite lower personal income growth and consumer confidence. Unemployment ticked up to 3.8 percent with temporary jobs ending and new entrants leading a move higher. Growth equities performed well as the cost of capital for these longer-time horizon holdings fell. The 2-year Treasury yield fell as a rising employment rate helped make the case against additional rate hikes in 2023.

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Monthly Market Update, August 31, 2023

This monthly commentary hits on these key topics:
1. Markets Pull Back in August
2. Mixed Month for Fixed Income
3. Signs of Slowing Economic Growth Ahead
4. Market Risks Shifting
5. Positive Long-Term Outlook

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