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Weekly Market Updates – July 2021

Presented by Matt Glova and the LifeTime Asset Management team: Weekly Market Update, July 12, 2021 Treasury yields plunged last week as investors weighed concerns about virus variants and shifting monetary policy and the potential effects on the global recovery. The 10-year yield fell about 13 basis points (bps) week-over-week to open at 1.33 percent [...]

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Weekly Market Updates – June 2021

Presented by Matt Glova and the LifeTime Asset Management team: Weekly Market Update, June 28, 2021 Treasury yields moved slightly higher last week. The 10-year opened at about 1.5 percent on Monday morning, mainly unchanged week-over-week. The 30-year was the biggest mover across the curve, picking up roughly 2 basis points (bps) to open near [...]

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Get a Letter or Notice From the IRS?

Get a letter or notice from the IRS? The IRS mails letters or notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons including if the tax payer has a balance due, or if the agency has a question about their tax return. If you receive a letter or notice from the IRS, do not ignore it. [...]

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Weekly Market Updates – May 2021

Presented by Matt Glova and the LifeTime Asset Management team: Weekly Market Update, May 24, 2021 The yield curve ticked lower on the week as investors digested the most recent inflationary data and debated future inflation expectations. The 10-year Treasury yield opened Monday morning at 1.62 percent, only slightly lower than last week’s open of [...]

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What The New Monthly Child Tax Credits Mean For You

The IRS announced on Monday, May 17th that approximately 39 million American families will be eligible for monthly payments of up to $300, thanks to the newly expanded child tax credit that will start on July 15. Eligible families qualify for up to $300 per month for each child younger than 6 and up to [...]

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Weekly Market Updates – April 2021

Presented by Matt Glova and the LifeTime Asset Management team: Weekly Market Update, April 19, 2021 We saw mild flattening of the yield curve last week as longer-dated yields declined. Despite positive economic data, the drop occurred as foreign buyers, particularly from Japan, purchased bonds and drove yields down. The 10-year Treasury yield remained flat, [...]

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FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Reimbursement

For the thousands of families who experienced loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some relief is coming in the form of funeral reimbursement. FEMA, the federal organization that helps people before, during and after disasters, has started a program for funeral reimbursement for deaths attributable to COVID-19. "Under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations [...]

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The American Jobs Plan and Proposed Tax Policy

Presented by Matthew Glova and the teams at LifeTime Asset Management and LifeTime Tax Management On March 31, 2021, President Biden introduced the American Jobs Plan, a proposal designed to improve the country’s aging infrastructure. In total, the plan will invest more than $2 trillion over the next decade. The specific provisions of the proposal [...]

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Did you get a refund for your college student’s tuition or room and board? You may need to return the money to your 529 plan to avoid tax penalties.

If your child was in college during the pandemic, you may have received a refund for tuition, fees, or room and board. Which was probably a relief! But if you used money from a 529 college savings account to pay the tuition/fees, then you may need to put that refund back into the 529 account [...]

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Women and the Pandemic: Planning for a Healthy Financial Future

Presented by the team at LifeTime Asset Management LLC Over the past year, we’ve all felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. But, as the job losses and unemployment numbers tell us, it’s staggeringly clear that women—particularly women of color—have been disproportionately affected. Women have lost or scaled back their [...]

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