It has been announced this month that LifeTime Asset Management is joining forces with Triangle Financial Advisors (“TFA”), a Raleigh-based independent financial and investment planning firm.

Lorraine Johnson, CFA, CFP®, ADPA®, and Founder of TFA, will be partnering with LifeTime and will continue to provide expert financial services to her clients and for clients of LifeTime.

“I have looked diligently for a company represented by an intelligent, principled, caring, and experienced team of advisors… and I strongly believe that the advisors and staff members at LifeTime share an approach very similar to mine in financial planning and investment management,” said Johnson.

The merger, the first for TFA, will expand LifeTime’s presence in the Raleigh area and increase the size of LifeTime’s support staff.

“This merger is a great example of how we carefully find partners that fit our diligent financial planning process and match our dedication to client service,” said LifeTime Founder and CIO Guy Swain.

With this merger, LifeTime will have 4 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners and over 75 years of combined experience in the financial field.

“We are pleased to welcome the great professionals from TFA to our network of financial advisors dedicated to providing indispensable service to their clients,” said LifeTime CEO Matt Glova. “By merging with LifeTime, TFA is demonstrating a commitment to maintaining financial planning independence, and will continue to offer objective advice and do what’s right for their and our clients.”

LifeTime has also relocated to a new location, only four miles away from its previous location off Harps Mill. The new location, 4700 Homewood Court, Suite #340, offers larger meeting rooms, a more convenient location near North Hills shopping and restaurants, and plenty of convenient parking.

“The opening of our new location near North Hills is an important step for LifeTime because as we grow, we want to offer a comfortable and welcoming space for our clients,” said LifeTime COO Alan King.

Triangle Financial Advisors and LifeTime Asset Management look forward to working together as one company in order to provide a customer service experience that is stronger and better than ever before. Learn more about our growing team here.